Fading Memories - Volume III

31 Interviews of Madison County; 194 pages; 39 photos, 20 historical articles, indexed; $20.00 plus S&H

Table of Contents of Volume 3

  1. Baker, Chloe Phillips; Bohannan, Willie; Bryant, Macel Wages.
  2. Clark, Lydia Opal; Coger, George; Combs, Richard.
  3. Delk, Polly Hubbard; Dillahunty, Rex; Dorsey, Stella.
  4. Faulkner, Geneva.
  5. Geiger, June Eaton; Giffels, Irma Fitch, Gilliam, Harley, Goucher, John.
  6. Hatfield, Lois; Hargis, Willis and Beatrice.
  7. Johnson, Marion; Jones, Nola.
  8. McKnight, Earl and Edna; Moody, Jess; Moses, V.E.
  9. Petree, Geraldine Cornett; Phillips, Carl and Dorothy;
  10. Riley, Stant; Rogers, Alvin; Roles, Bell.
  11. Shastid, Dexter Kilgore; Smith, Jack.
  12. Wages Family; Walden, Kate; Watkins, Ray.
  13. Misc. Articles
  14. Another Old Soldier Gone Home
  15. Aurora History
  16. Auto-Horse Wreck
  17. Drouth in the Ozarks (poem)
  18. Hard Life, 1876
  19. Huntsville Cave
  20. Letters by Home Reynolds
  21. Lumber Made Boom Town
  22. Madison County Fair History
  23. Madison County Boy War Story
  24. Madison County Castle on Hill
  25. Memories of 1870's
  26. Merchants Gargling Oil
  27. Me Be Like Mellican Man (poem)
  28. Model Buildings, Otto Grubbs
  29. Outlaw Floyd Meets Death
  30. Rambling Thoughts - Ray White
  31. Riding on the Dummy (poem)
  32. Stagecoach and Beulah
  33. Stave Bolts
  34. Miscellaneous Photographs
  35. Flock of Turkeys on Square
  36. Good Luck Singing Group
  37. Hawkins Mill
  38. Huntsville Livestock Barn
  39. Huntsville Livestock Barn, 1946
  40. Huntsville, 1900's
  41. Huntsville Square, 1920's
  42. Ladies of Wesley Community
  43. Madison County Court House
  44. Model T 1925
  45. Overland Auto 1914
  46. Old Red Store
  47. Pettigrew Post Office, 1921
  48. Powell, Dr. and wife
  49. Quadruple Wedding
  50. Sheep shearing - Gaskill
  51. Steam Flouring Mill
  52. Turkey Drive - Gaskill
  53. Wesley School teachers
  54. School Group pictures


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