Madison County Cemetery Book Volume 6

19 Cemeteries - Bettis, Shorty Brukes, Burkshed, Denny, Colbaugh, John H. Evans, New Evans, Wm. Calvin Evans, Farmer, Hindsville, Lopshire, Morris, Poor Farm, Rogers, Spring Valley, Wade/Warren, Wilks/Roberts, Vaughan Family, Varughan-Whitener; 340 pages; 160 photos, indexed; $30.00 plus S&H

Table of Contents of Volume 6

  1. Location Map
  2. GPS Coordinates
  3. Listing of Photographs
  4. Photo Credits
  5. Senate Bill regarding cemetery access
  6. Common abbreviations
  7. Bettis Cemetery
  8. Burkes, Short Cemetery
  9. Burkshed Cemetery
  10. Denny Cemetery
  11. Evans, John Henry Cemetery
  12. Evans, New Cemetery
  13. Farmer Cemetery
  14. Lopshire Cemetery)
  15. Morris Cemetery
  16. Poor Farm Gravesites
  17. Rogers child
  18. Spring Valley
  19. Vaughan Family Cemetery
  20. Vaughan-Whitener Cemetery
  21. Wade- Warren Cemetery
  22. Wilks-Roberts Cemetery

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