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Posted by Joy Russell

A Chronological History of Huntsville, Arkansas was written by Huntsville Mayor Dr. Kevin Hatfield, in celebration of the 175th anniversary of the founding of the city. The book contains 19 chapters with each chapter describing the history of Huntsville by decade, beginning with the decade of the 1830's and ending with 2012. The first chapter describes the early Osage Indians who originaly occupied the area and their tribal chief, Hurachais, known as the "War Eagle".

This book is a must for anyone who is interested in local Huntsville history and makes a great gift that will be enjoyed for years to come.

A new book titled "Pre-1920's Obituaries of Madison County, Arkansas, Residents" was published in April 2011. This book contains 319 pages of full obituaries as printed in the local newspapers, covering a time period from 1855 to 1919. This book contains all available obituaries for this time period, but not all newspapers are available, so many obituaries are missing. This book is a valuable research tool, and many of the obituaries read like a story of the deceased's life. Order a copy now; it sells for $30.00 plus postage if mailed.

The Society's newest cemetery book titled "Madison County Cemetery Book #11" is now available and is selling like hotcakes. This book contains 292 pages and includes 430 photos and full-name index. Cemetery Book #11 covers sixteen cemeteries: Boatright Cemtery; Bootright Cemetery; Buckeye Cemetery; Campbell Family Cemetery; Farmer Cemetery George Hardin Grave; George Ledbetter Cemetery; Langley-Bell Cemetery; Levi McDonald Family Graves; Mason Cemetery; Martin Johnson Cemetery; Point Cemetery; Wilks-Roberts Cemetery; and Worley Cemetery. This book sells for $30.00 plus postage if mailed.

Volume 32, Spring 2013, Issue 1 of Madison County Musings released

The Spring issue of the Madison County Musings was mailed on April 15th. The cover features a photograph of the monument erected in 2012 to recognize the burials of Madison County's African-American residents in the Wharton Creek Cemetery. This is the 125th issue of the Musings since the founding of the society and contains pages 1 - 58 of Volume 32.

Table of Contents - Musings, Volume 32, No. 1, Spring, 2013

Page No. article title author
1 New Book - Cemetery Book #11 Musings Staff
2 The Weaning House Ronnie B. Watkins
6 Roscoe and Mollie Davenport's Love Story Carol Whittemore
11 Tribute ot Dr. Burr Fancher Harley Fancher
15 Black History in Madison County Joy Russell
21 Riverside Cemetery, Part 4 Musings Staff
32 Update: School Marm Who was a Man Musings Staff
33 Madison County School History Musings Staff
39 WPA Interviews of J. L. Auslam Musings Staff
44 Early Obituaries of Madison County Residents Musings Staff
48 Madison County Land Patents Musings Staff
50 Queries and Searching Members
52 Books for Sale Musings Staff
54 Old News Musings Staff

What's Going on in Arkansas and the World

Posted by Kevin Hatfield

What's going on in Arkansas and the World is a newsfeed (RSS) with World news from CNN, The New York Times, The Christian Science Monitor and Reuters. Also included are NW Arkansas news stories from Channel 29/40 RSS feed and well as the top ten movie picks of the week. This feed gives you a short synopsis of the headline and if you want to read the entire story, simply click on the green, underlined headline in the story and you will be linked with the complete news story. Just remember, that today's news is tomorrow's history.