Fading Memories - Volume I

63 Interviews of Madison County; 208 pages; 44 photos, indexed; $20.00 plus S&H

Table of Contents of Volume 1

  1. Armer, Nelson
  2. Baker, Bill; Barker, Walter; Beebe, Lavera; Berry, Lizzie and Raymond; Block, Frank; Bolinger, Freddie; Burkes, Bernie; Burnett, Ettie; Brashears, Zola.
  3. Calico, Floyd; Cobb, Tom; Coger, Arlis; Cook, Annie; Collins, Harrison and Rosie.
  4. Davenport, Roscoe and Mollie; Davis, Asa; Drake, Ben and Bertha; Dyke, Lizzie.
  5. Edmisten, Anna; Ellis, Nellie; Eubanks, Clayton; Evans, Oral; Eversole, Laura.
  6. Fancher, Sam
  7. Garrett, Roscoe; Garton, Sarah; Gross, Iva; Grubbs, E.U.;
  8. Hawkins, Annabelle; Hibbard, Eunice; Hollingsworth, Marvin and Ruby.
  9. Jackson, Frank; Johnson, Houston; Johnson, Searles; Jones, Fronia; Jones, Tilda.
  10. Lawson, Dewey.
  11. Markley, Albert and May; Morgan, Morris Henry; Murphy, Hugh; McConnell, Clara.
  12. Neal, Clara and Lester.
  13. Owens, Logan.
  14. Parker, Georgia; Parker, Walter; Parks, Ewell.
  15. Rose, Noble and Jean.
  16. Sams, Mamie; Simpson, Lilly; Sizemore, Cecil and Ruby; Spurlock, Eather; Steele, Sam and Pearl; Stout, Nannie.
  17. Tarr, Mabel; Thompson, A.F.; Thornsberry, Frankie;
  18. Vanlandingham, Carl and Wilma; Vaughan, Bert.
  19. Whorton, Vera; Wiggins, Bailie and Strange.
  20. Misc. History and Photographs
  21. Remembering Old Days - Texas Jack
  22. Madison County Negro Colony
  23. Echoes of Past - Mill Creek
  24. St. Paul History
  25. South Side Huntsville Square, Photo
  26. Smyrna School
  27. Making Molasses
  28. Facts about Huntsville
  29. Farming in the Depression, photo
  30. St. Paul Lumber Town, photo
  31. Floyd Parker Family, photo
  32. School Group - Photographs
  33. Ball Creek, 1925; Crosses Creek, 1938; Dripping Springs, 1916; Patrick Home School; Pinnacle, 1941; Pinnacle, 1952; St. Paul, 1937.
  34. Draketown, 1933; Mountain Grove, 1915; Smyrna, 1922; Upper Campground.
  35. Buckeye, 1940; Langley, 1912; Plainview, 1912; Pharris, 1910;
  36. Delaney, 1936; Dean, 1938; Farrell's Creek, 1912; Greenwood, 1941.
  37. Alabam, 1915; Lower Wharton, 1941; St. Paul, 1915; Duncan, 1912.
  38. Symrna, 1931; St. Paul Girls Basketball, 1935-1938;
  39. Huntsville Basketball, 1937.
  40. Miscellaneous
  41. Huntsville square, 1920.
  42. Swinging Bridge, Dutton, 1921.
  43. Governors, Murphy and Faubus.
  44. Auslam home.
  45. Ann Hawkins - Buried Treasure.
  46. South side, Huntsville square.
  47. Blacksmith shop.
  48. Civil War veterans.
  49. Army Post Band.
  50. Farming with mules.
  51. Early Madison County settlement.
  52. Last oxen team.
  53. Horse and buggy.
  54. Huntsville square.
  55. War Eagle bridge, 1915.
  56. Pettigrew.
  57. Matne Store, 1924.
  58. First plane in Madison County.


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