A History of Presley Chapel United Methodist Church - A family oriented, small country church by Kevin Hatfield

60 pages, over 200 photos covering the history and membership of the church $15.00 plus S&H

Table of Contents

  1. A History of Presley Chapel United Methodist Church
  2. Early Methodism
  3. Structure of the Church
  4. History of the Methodist Conferences in Arkansas
  5. The Alabama Methodist Episcopal Church South
  6. Original Deed Conveying land to the ME Church South at Alabam
  7. Presley Chapel - The Early Years
  8. Alambam ME Church South becomes Presley Chapel
  9. Melenium Brown Presley and Nance Terry Walden and family
  10. Early Church Membership - the first 50 years
  11. Huntsville-Presley Chapel Charge
  12. The League
  13. A new Presley Chapel
  14. Dedication of the new church
  15. Presley Chapel - 1968
  16. A Fellowhip Hall is added
  17. Ministers Seving Presley Chapel
  18. Known members of the church (comprehensive)
  19. Church membership statistics
  20. Photos of the church
  21. Church membership photographs (old and new)

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