1902 Grand View Hotel in Berryville1 A.M. Kelly Store at Dutton on April 7, 1908; railroad car and railroad ties2 Alabam Store3 Alabam Store4 Aurora Store 1925 - with gas pumps at Boatright store at Old Aurora5 Ball Creek Canning Factory 6 Beaver, Arkansas, in Carroll County in early 1900's7 Bee Rock at St. Paul8 Behind Courthouse & Church Street looking at Governor's Hill9 Boston Arkansas Store & Gas Station 1958 with Art Hunter10 Boxley Church October 2017 - from Facebook11 Brashears Funeral Home on square 196212 Building Beaver Dam, July 2, 196213 Building Highway 23 the Pig Trail 14 Carroll Electric, intersection of 68 and 7415 Cherry Creek Store near Wesley16 Combs Arkansas Railroad Depot17 Combs Depot, David Lincoln Wilson is man on left by railroad car, with dark hat & moutache18 East Side of Huntsville Square - Brashears Undertaking19 Elms Motel - changed to Faubus Motel20 Ford Motor - Basham Building; with Noel Easterling21 Forum Store building22 Hawkins Mill23 Hawn Building - madison County Record, about 192724 Huntsville aerial view from Governor's Hill25 Huntsville Livestock Auction Barn26 Old Huntsville Masonic Lodge & service stations beside it27 Huntsville Millinery Shop ca 190028 Japton Store29
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