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We welcome everyone interested in Madison County, Arkansas history & genealogy to the official site of the society. Please be patient as we will be constantly updating and adding new features as the months progress. The Society hopes that this website will be of use to researchers who live away from Madison County by providing information about our resources and material available at our research library.

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Placing Orders On-Line

We are pleased to announce that you may now place orders on line by using the secure services of PayPal. Back issues of The Musings and our many other publications and books can now by ordered by simply selecting the "Add to Cart" buttons found below each publication. Simply go to our Publications page by selecting "Publications" from the top of this page or select one of the books from the menu at the right. Your order will be sent by U.S. Mail. If you do not want to place your order on line, you may simply enclose a note giving the name of the publication that you wish to order, enclose your personal check, and mail to the society at the address listed above.

Madison County Cemetery Book #11 Now Available!!

  1. The long awaited Volume 11 of Madison County Cemeteries is now available and ready for shipping.
  2. To view the cemeteries enumerated in this new volume and ordering information, click here

Pages Planned for the future

  • List of all documents on microfilm
  • List of research books available at the society
  • List of photographs on file at the society

Madison County Musings


The Madison County Musings is the official publication of the Madison County Genealogical and Historical Society. The Madison County Musings is published each year in April, June, September, and November. Volume I, No. 1 of The Madison County Musings was first published in the spring of 1982 and all back issues from 1982 - 2011 are available for purchase.

We have the complete topical index of all articles that have appeared in the Musings and this list can be viewed by selecting ´The Madison County Musings´or ´Musings Topical Index´ from the menu on the right. The index list the name of the article and well as the issue and page number that the article appears on.

Back issues can be ordered and paid for on-line or you may order by mail. If ordering by mail, simply list the back issues that you want, such as Spring 1884 or Summer 2006. Each back issue is $5.00 plus S & H. Shipping and Handling for 1-4 issues of the Musiings is only $3.00, so you can order 4 back issues for only $23.00!